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2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Stereo Transmitter and Receiver Music Streaming Adapter with 3.5mm Output (Size: Basic, Color: Black)

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BT10 is a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver in one model. When it worked as Bluetooth transmitter, the unit could make your regular stereo audio devices into a Bluetooth-enabled. When it worked as Bluetooth receiver, it adds Bluetooth receiving capability to your headphones, home stereo...

100% Brand New and High Quality
Simply operation, slide TX/RX switch to optionally switching transmitter and receiver mode
One touch connect button for easy device pairing
Take the output of your CD/DVD players, MP3/MP4 players, PADs, or iPod and convert it to streaming stereo audio via Bluetooth transmission 
Share your music wirelessly from mobile phone, Notebook, PC, tablet PC, iphone and other Bluetooth device when connect with Aux speaker.
Wireless music receiver connects to 3.5mm headphone jacks
Built-in microphone with Bluetooth hands-free function.
Every time when the device power on, the transmitter will automatically connect to the last connected device.
With mini-USB charger, long working time up to 8 hours
Lower power consumption, Power saving mode, compact, pocket-sized design, plug and play, easy to use
Clearing pairing list
Connects to any stereo system with a 3.5mm AUX input jack
Compatible with Android Smartphone's, Apple iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, HTC, LG, SONY, Tablets, MP3 Players & More.

Technical Specification
Bluetooth:Bluetooth V3.0,Class 
Bluetooth profiles:A2DP and AVRCP
FR frequency range:2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Operating distance:Up to 10meters
Battery specification: 100mAH rechargeable lithium battery
Charging input voltage:DC 5V
Working time:
TX:Up to 8hours
RX:Up to 6hours
Charging time:about 2hours
Operating environment:-10 to +50 
Dimension: 2*1*0.4inches
Weight of product:11.6g
How to use
TX mode:
a. Slide the TX switch into upper side before power on BT10 
b. Power on your Bluetooth stereo receiver device and make it enter into pairing mode.
c. Press and hold MFB button of the BT10 for 9 seconds until Blue LED flashes quickly, the unit enters into pairing mode.
d. The transmitter will search for Bluetooth stereo receiver and connect with it automatically. Blue LED of receiver will flash twice every 4 seconds after connection is successful.
e. Connect the transmitter to your music player through 3.5mm audio jack to play music

RX mode:
a. Slide the RX switch into lower side before power on BT10
b. Press and hold MFB for 9 seconds until blue and red LED flashes alternately, the receiver is in pairing mode.
c. Active Bluetooth function of your Mobile phone or PC and let it search for BT10 and connect with BT10.Blue LED of receiver will flash twice every 4 seconds after connection is successful. (PIN code 0000 if need)
d. Connect the receiver to your headphone or home stereo through 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy music.

Do not expose the product to liquid, moisture or humidity to avoid the product s internal circuit being damaged.
Do not expose the product to extremely high or low temperature ad it will shorten the life of electronic components, battery or distort the plastic parts.
Don t use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the product

Package includes
1x Bluetooth transmitter and receiver
1x Micro USB cable
1x 3.5mm audio Cable
1x User's manual 








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