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16MP 8K HD IP Camera 10X Zoom Outdoor Four lenses Three-Screen PTZ 8MP WiFi Camera Security Protection CCTV Color Night Vision

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1. 16MP(4+4+4+4MP) HD 10X zoom PTZ camera;
2. Three-screen design, double wide-angle + telephoto four lenses, support 10X hybrid zoom (3X Optical + 10X Digital zoom) to see widely and clearly;
3. Dual light source design, built-in infrared light + white light, night vision infrared and night vision full color can be set;
4. Pan&Tilt: horizontal 0~355 degrees, vertical 0~90 degrees;
5. 2.4G WIFI + RJ45 network port for Internet access;
6. Support TF storage and cloud storage (free one month cloud storage);
7. Two-way voice intercom, two-way video synchronous recording and playback
8. Humanoid detection/vehicle detection/pet detection/other detection (need to open cloud storage)
9. Automatic tracking/movement alarm, alarm output sound and light linkage;
10. AI intelligent algorithm to achieve video 3D positioning and continuous tracking of target alarms;
11. Support Android/IOS APP remote management (IPC360 Home).
12. power supply DC 12V























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AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 8MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
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A super user-friendly camera, highly recommended for purchase. It can monitor three locations simultaneously, with clear images and 10x zoom, which is really super effective 22 Jul 2023 02:36
  • Aeca847dfcf5448858a5ea984d0080ca6D.png
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 8MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
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The camera has been received, which is better than I expected and has a larger volume. The buyer provided the camera with a large handle, but I forgot to take a photo. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the camera because it has great pixels and three lenses. There are three images in the app, and the two fixed lenses on top really have an ultra wide viewing angle. I can see a whole road, and the lens below can rotate again. I recommend everyone to purchase! 06 Jul 2023 06:43
  • A866e07a90587486285ae4447266fe6b8W.jpg
  • A47f79962fa3441808dfeb1cbd09cfbafm.png
  • A0ae2c00e09994a748116ee739b8cfe4fi.png
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 16MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
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The monitoring of 4 lenses is great, basically without dead corners! The image quality is clear, and 10x magnification is also acceptable. I will buy a Stöð 2 and put it on my construction site 25 Jun 2023 07:28
  • A7d80463b2c5c4dc6aac2d769109696d9y.png
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 8MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
Helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
I took it apart and tried it out. It's a great camera, with a perspective that other cameras don't have. The camera's perspective is really wide! With voice function, the APP connection is very convenient. I have already connected in just two minutes, and the network is also stable. The quality is really high 07 Jul 2023 08:05
  • A89a361935a1d4a8a822c89191cdc0319M.jpg
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 8MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
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Wow, the camera is too valuable, and the logistics are super fast. I have received it about a week after shipment, and the buyer's service attitude is very good. The pixels of the camera are very clear and can be magnified by 10 times. I can see details at a distance 05 Jul 2023 02:52
  • Afcf16ff0aa91499f8363daca8f9ec03dl.jpg
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 4K 8MP NO Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
Helpful? Yes (7) No (0)
That's great This camera! Four lenses, I installed them on the farm, they are 360 degrees without dead angles, and they can be magnified 10x. I can see them very clearly from a long distance, perfect! 21 Jun 2023 04:59
  • Ad37fe9ea72554806816b2889bd068ebeC.jpg
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 16MP add 64G Card Plug Type: UK Plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
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The camera is very good but needs fast internet to work appropriately, I think the app needs an update to be more flexible and to be faster . Thumbnails in notification needs monthly subscription which make me ask why you sell tracking , thumbnails , face recognition services while you advertise for them for customers . You should mention that they need monthly subscription . I will buy the camera again if you ask me because there are three lenses which very useful . The zooming tool and moving of the main camera needs improving in the app. The seller is very cooperative and the shipping was fast . 19 Jul 2023 01:02
  • A2e59dfd152e6466ebf9032bef62e11b3Z.jpg
  • Aa4e1dcea03784fe38086f63fb8ef4e0ax.jpg
Sensor Size: 8MP add 128G Card Plug Type: EU plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
Helpful? Yes (0) No (0)
More tries to connect בוויפיי but Ltd in th work out tomorrow after שיסדרו got it 19 Jul 2023 04:08
AliExpress Shopper
Sensor Size: 16MP add 32G Card Plug Type: UK Plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
Helpful? Yes (0) No (0)
excellent Very fast. Congratulations!!!! 13 Jul 2023 10:37
Sensor Size: 16MP add 128G Card Plug Type: US plug Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping
Excellent product. Very good sharpness in the images and video. 14 Jul 2023 09:13

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